The First Report is Almost Ready!

Your opinion is more important than ever.

The Department of Health and Welfare is still at work hearing from people with developmental and intellectual disabilities across the state. A group called "Community NOW!" has been meeting since January. This group is centered around adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. They are giving their opinion about what services and supports they need and how the Medicaid program should change.

In April and May, the Department of Health and Welfare traveled around the state to hearing from people who are not part of the Community NOW! group. The ACLU went along to monitor the meetings and to hear from people who attended, too.

Now the helping organization that the Department is working with, called Human Services Research Institute, is working on a report about what we heard from people. That report will have recommendations for what the Department should change. The report will be finished by the end of June.

Soon, you should have a chance to look at the report and give your opinion. Stay tuned for the next update.

Whenever you have questions, just let us know!