Assessment Tool Meeting

There was an meeting to pick a new assessment tool this past Wednesday, November 2, 2016. It was at the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. The Human Services Research Institute, or HSRI, led the meeting. HSRI is the independent expert that the Department is working with under the settlement agreement.

At the meeting, HSRI talked about three assessment tools. The Supports Intensity Scale (SIS), the Inventory for Client Agency and Planning (ICAP), and the interRAI. The people at the meeting rated each of them in several areas.

Then HSRI used the ratings to rank the three tools: The SIS came in first. Then the interRAI. And the ICAP, which is based on the SIB-R, came in last.

Next, HSRI will write up a memo about the meeting. Then the Department will decide what it will do.

Do you have an opinion about the tool? Please let us know!

Here is more information about the meeting and the tools: