New Email Lists

Do you want to get updates like these by email? Or are you an adult in the Idaho Medicaid DD program who wants to chat with other adults about changes to the program?

We have made two new email lists. One is open to everybody. We will share news and updates about the changes to the adult DD program. That list is called "KW News." "KW" is the name of the lawsuit about the program. It is called KW because those are the initials of one of the adults in the program who started the lawsuit.

Follow this link to join the KW News email list, open to everybody.

The other email list is just for adults in the DD program. If you are in the program and want someone to help you use the email list, the person you choose can join the list, too. On this list, called "Our Health," you can talk with other adults in the program about the changes that are coming.

Follow this link to join the Our Health email list, open to adults in the DD program and the people they choose to help them use the list.

If you have any trouble getting on the lists, just contact us and we can help you out.