TSC Training FAQ

Review the below frequently asked questions about TSC Training.

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What is TSC Training?

The training is primarily (but not exclusively) for Targeted Service Coordinators and Support Brokers who wish to provide “Suitable Representative” services for Medicaid participants.  The training focuses on understanding the assessment and budgeting process, and the process for both informal and formal appeals of budget determinations and support plan denials.

Who can attend?

Anyone with an interest can attend.  TSC’s and Support Brokers are encouraged to attend, as well as anyone thinking of becoming a TSC or Support Broker.  Anyone who wants to better understand adult DD services assessment, budgeting, and appeals is welcome.  We hope that through this training more people will choose to become TSCs or Support Brokers to take advantage of newly available reimbursement for Suitable Representatives, we also hope to train more advocates for DD participants.

Is attendance mandatory? and/or Why should I attend?

Nobody is required to undergo this training, but TSCs and Support Brokers (as well as those who later become certified in those provider categories) who complete the training will be eligible for reimbursement of additional hours of service as Suitable Representatives.  The settlement of the K.W. v. Armstrong class action case included providing Medicaid reimbursement for representatives to assist DD participants in evaluating their budget determinations, deciding whether to appeal, and then pursuing those appeals.  Only those TSC’s and Support Brokers who complete this training can access those additional hours of reimbursement.

When will training be in my area?

Training will be held in each of the seven Health & Welfare districts.  Dates and locations will be announced throughout the upcoming months.

What if I have more questions?

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