Chapter 1 Quiz

Please take and submit the below quiz to verify that you completed TSC Training Chapter 1 - Understanding Assessment and Budgeting. Individuals who submit a quiz on all 9 chapters will be reported to Idaho Dept. of Health & Welfare as having completed TSC Training.


Form version of the quiz:

1. No assessment is necessary when transitioning from children’s program to adult program. *
2. Assessment must be done annually. *
3. Accurate assessment can help your client get necessary services. *
4. The Med/Soc summarizes your client’s condition and needs. *
5. An accurate SIB-R requires an appropriate respondent. *
6. Errors in the IIN will not impact budget calculations. *
7. Only traditional waiver services are calculated in the budget tool. *
8. The Department is working on creating a new budget tool. *
9. Injunction budgets, or K.W budgets, are not currently available. *
10. All eligibility and prior authorization rules can currently be ignored. *
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