TSC Training Online

Our online courses allow you to complete TSC Training in your own time and setting. Click the button below to start with Chapter 1. After each training, please verify completion by taking the quiz at the bottom of each page. We will be reporting who has completed the entire TSC Training Online course to Idaho Dept. of Health & Welfare.


TSC Training chapter 1

This chapter covers understanding assessment and budgeting.


TSC Training Chapter 2

This chapter covers understanding the budget notice.


TSC Training Chapter 3

This chapter covers seeking review/additional consideration.


TSC Training Chapter 4

This chapter covers fair hearings.


TSC Training Chapter 5

This chapter covers advocacy skills.


TSC Training Chapter 6

This chapter covers...


TSC Training Chapter 7

This chapter covers finding the law and the rules.


TSC Training Chapter 8

This chapter covers respecting the rights of participants and clients.


TSC Training Chapter 9

This chapter covers Medicaid reimbursement.


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