The Jack Hansen Show - Episode 2!

Jack Hansen is one of the thousands of Idahoans affected by the changes that are coming to the Idaho Medicaid program for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The Jack Hansen Show is Jack's online series explaining the changes and how adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities need to get involved. We hope that these videos will help everyone in this Medicaid program has a voice in how the program works.

As promised in the first episode, Jack interviews Ritchie Eppink, Legal Director of the ACLU of Idaho, again in the second episode. This time, Jack asks Ritchie about the Settlement Agreement in the K.W. v. Armstrong class action lawsuit and what happens next:

To learn more, watch the video and read more on the Our Health and Welfare website.

On the next episode of The Jack Hansen Show, coming soon, Jack interviews Art Evans, Bureau Chief of Developmental Disability Services at the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.